Old Bathtubs Never Need To Be Replaced, And This Is How


If you have been living this long then you will know that your old bathtub is one of the prized fixed assets in your old home. Spare a thought for those who do not hold such prized luxuries in their small shelters. And spare a thought for those folks who now live in drought-stricken areas and can no longer indulge in the luxury of soaking it all up with warm bubbles and suds under the comfort of sweet smelling candlelight.

But you still can. So romantic, and so peaceful at times, depending on your mood. Some days you seem to be reluctant. You sigh. The old bathtub has lost its sheen. It is no longer as snow white as it used to be. There are scratches and rings around the bathtub. No, it is not dirty. In fact you have done your utmost best to keep it clean over the years. But you see it’s the pungent smelling cleaning detergent that has left its mark on the old bathtub.

You can restore your old bathtub to as new with a bathtub refinishing Baltimore practice if you reside in this capital area of historic Maryland. A specially prepared coating that is catalyzed is applied to the old bathtub. The techniques used to apply this coat and the materials that go with it have been strenuously tested over the years, so the finished article is fault free. With the use of polyurethane, the brand new white look will last years and years.

Don’t forget that this coating process can be applied to your floor and wall tiles as well. Let it be hoped that you can outlast this as you indulge in nightly solace during cold winter months. Do enjoy your bath.